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Emotion Explorer: An Integrated Online and Mobile Emotion Literacy Program for Early Elementary School Students and Educators

SBIR Phase I

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Project Description

ID: ED-IES-15-C-0013
TERM: 05/15 – 10/15

Substantial research supports the important relationship between emotional literacy and academic success. However, the current focus on standards-based education has made it difficult for educators to address social-emotional learning (SEL) without losing vital instructional time. Through this SBIR project, we will leverage 3C’s cutting-edge dynamic narrative generation, game, mobile, and web technologies to create a highly innovative and engaging SEL product for K-2nd grade students and educators that incorporates English Language Arts (ELA) standards. The proposed technology product, Emotion Explorer: Adventures in Emotional Literacy, will engage students in interactive storybooks that will enable educators to provide scaffolded and individualized student support in five core emotion literacy skills critical for social-emotional well-being and academic success. Emotion Explorer will be easily integrated into the classroom because each story is mapped to ELA standards and will be implemented through mobile- and web-based delivery. The Emotion Explorer software will be fully integrated with important educator tools, including an Online Implementation Center, where educators can access web-based implementation resources and support, and an Educator Dashboard where educators can track and document students’ progress and performance. This SBIR directly addresses IES’s priority of using technology to improve students’ social skills and behaviors that support academic outcomes.