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Using Innovative Technology to Help Students Recover from Trauma

Researchers at RAND Corporation are using a new dynamic e-learning platform to help students recover from traumatic events, such as accidents, physical abuse, and school and community violence. Drs. Bradley Stein, Lisa Jaycox, and Lynsay Ayer partnered with us to create LIFT (Life Improvement for Teens), an online intervention to build stress-management skills for adolescents who have experienced trauma.


Though they’ve traditionally developed in-person interventions, our partners thought an online, self-paced, multimedia format would appeal to their target audience of 12- to 18-year-olds. The course features innovative game and interactive technologies to teach participants how to reduce distress and improve coping skills. And the curriculum reinforces and extends their existing interventions for trauma recovery.

“3C Institute knows what we’re trying to achieve,” said Jaycox. “Their staff brings a wealth of information, options, and experience so that we can make decisions easily.”

All of our e-learning courses are designed to deliver an engaging and personalized intervention that effectively enhances social, emotional, and behavioral health. The content is fully customizable for your learning objectives and target audience.

Our learning model continually alternates didactic instruction with applied practice opportunities for maximal retention and engagement:

Tell me. A powerful mix of audio, video, and motion graphics to teach instructional content.
Show me. Animated or live-action demonstrations and role-plays to illustrate key concepts.
Let me try. Interactive exercises with individualized feedback, such as self-assessments, digital games, and virtual simulations, to reinforce understanding and practice skills learned.
Measure change. Integrated data collection to track participant progress and assess outcomes.
LIFT is scheduled to launch in December, and RAND is making the program available for free.

Contact us at (919) 677-0102 x623 or services@3cisd.com to discuss how we can help you develop an online intervention that effectively supports behavioral health.

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