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Collect High-Quality Data from Kids of All Ages!

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Variations in attention, motivation, and literacy can undermine the quality of data collected from participants. For example:

  • Limited attention spans and low motivation to answer survey questions make it difficult to collect responses.
  • Literacy influences a person’s ability to respond to questions and affects the accuracy of those responses.
  • Typical layouts, such as multiple questions presented one after the other, can distract and overwhelm users.


Quest adult template

To address developmental challenges with children, we created Quest, the first child-friendly online data collection system. Now, in response to demand, we’ve designed survey templates for use with adults.

Quest Projects & Pricing

All Quest surveys incorporate interactive technologies to maximize engagement and minimize the impact of developmental delays and learning challenges on the quality of data collected.



Features include:

  • Age-appropriate, game-like survey layouts to increase engagement and motivation
  • Built-in text-to-speech with synchronized highlighting minimizes literacy issues
  • Accessibility options (e.g., magnification of text and images) to support broad use
  • FERPA- and HIPAA-compliant security for data collection and storage
  • Progress monitoring tools to track survey completion
  • Easy export of data files for statistical analyses

Highly rated by researchers and users alike and proven to work through multiple research studies, Quest offers a unique solution to the participant challenges of data collection.

Contact us at 888-598-0103 or services@3cisd.com to schedule a live demo.

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