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Strategy Shaper Co-Author Debunks Negotiation Gender Myths in TEDx Talk

Negotiation expert Andrea Schneider, JD, recently gave a TEDx talk for TEDxOshkosh in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, to help debunk pervasive myths about women and negotiation—specifically that women don’t negotiate, can’t negotiate effectively, and shouldn’t negotiate because they aren’t assertive enough. A professor of law at Marquette University, Schneider emphasized in her talk, “Women Don’t Negotiate and Other Similar Nonsense,” that with training, both genders have been shown to negotiate equally well.

Schneider said there are many other skills besides assertiveness that contribute to negotiation effectiveness, such as ethicality, social intuition, flexibility, and empathy. “In order to be an effective negotiator, you need all of these skills,” Schneider says.

She explained that assertiveness is the only skill where women are seen as lacking and this is likely because of socialization and fear of backlash. “In studies of lawyers where assertiveness on behalf of clients is both socially expected and rewarded, there is no difference in perceived negotiation effectiveness,” she said. “So we know that we need to socialize both men and women to reward and expect negotiation in all contexts.”

That’s why Schneider and Dr. David Kupfer, professor of psychiatry at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, partnered with 3C Institute to develop Strategy Shaper, a personalized, interactive online course that’s been proven to help early career researchers develop the critical negotiation skills they need to succeed.

Built on 3C Institute’s dynamic e-learning platform, Strategy Shaper teaches users about the key negotiation skills and gives them the opportunity to role-play possible scenarios and receive feedback on their performance. The goal is to help users identify the negotiation areas they would benefit most from mastering, and then to shape strategies for success.

Schneider has taught thousands of professionals how to advance their careers with negotiation skills training, and she regularly conducts trainings for law firms, corporations, court systems, and other organizations throughout the country. As a faculty member of the Research Career Development Institute for Psychiatry, she teaches effective negotiation strategies for research scientists in the fields of substance abuse, mental health, and human behavior.

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