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Help Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder Prepare for College

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Did you know that, despite great potential, one-quarter of students with high-functioning autism spectrum disorder (HF-ASD) don’t go on to further education or regular employment after high school? And those who do attend college drop out in greater numbers than their peers without learning challenges. These are students with tremendous potential, and schools need effective, easy-to-use tools to prepare them for postsecondary success.

With funding from the Institute of Educational Sciences, 3C Institute has created PREP (Postsecondary Resilience Education Program), the first research-based, online resilience education program to help high school students with HF-ASD learn strategies and skills that will support a successful transition to college. Designed to meet the learning styles and social and emotional needs of students with HF-ASD, PREP teaches resilience strategies for coping with the social, academic, and practical challenges of college life, such as navigating disability services and acting as a self-advocate on campus.

prep3_2“I’m not aware of any other preparatory materials at the high school level for students with HF-ASD, so this is a great resource,” said one provider.

Students also cited the need for such a course. “Before now, I had no idea how I might contact or meet with disability services or what kind of accommodations I could receive,” said one user.

Built on 3C Institute’s dynamic e-learning platform, PREP delivers an engaging and effective e-learning experience, complete with implementation support for providers and parents.


Features include:

  • Online, self-paced, comprehensive curriculum for flexible implementation at school or home
  • Audio/video, graphics, and live-action role-plays to engage students
  • Innovative game and interactive technologies to encourage practice both online and off
  • Individualized instruction and feedback for a personalized, adaptive course experience
  • A customizable virtual binder and printable materials to review and reinforce concepts
  • Instructor resources for program implementation and progress monitoring

prepiPad_2PREP has received enthusiastic support from students, parents, and school professionals. The research shows that high school students with HF-ASD who take PREP improve their knowledge of success strategies for transitioning to college, with significant increases in their resilience skills, self-determination, and self-advocacy.

“If it weren’t for PREP, I don’t think my daughter would have ever been able to pursue college,” said one parent. “It’s instrumental for any student, especially for students with disabilities, to feel confident and move forward. Thank you.”

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