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3C CEO Participates in Knowledge Exchange

3C Institute’s CEO, Melissa DeRosier, PhD, is visiting the University of Sheffield in England as part of a knowledge exchange aimed at developing an ongoing working collaboration between the two entities.

Dr. DeRosier is working closely with Katherine Easton, PhD, lecturer in psychology at the university. Through the work of the University’s Centre for Assistive Technology and Connected Healthcare (CATCH), Dr. Easton and her colleagues focus on research into the application of digital technology to support mental healthcare.

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3C’s success as a leader in the design of personalized learning games for social, emotional, and behavioral outcomes makes it a natural resource for the CATCH team.

During her time in Sheffield, Dr. DeRosier will present a master class on designing engaging, evidence-based learning games, as well as a class lecture with graduate students that will focus on games for social-emotional development.

Additionally, she will present a series of seminars. Topics include the theory of change underlying 3C’s innovative Dynamic e-Learning Platform (DeLP) and how it can be used to support a number of instructional methods and learning objectives; the role of technology in high-quality implementation of interventions; and 3C’s experience successfully tackling the challenge of collecting online data with young children.

The results of the collaboration will inform research ideas for grant submissions, a Wadsworth-Battelle Fellowship application, and peer-reviewed journal publications. It is being funded by international science and technology research organization Battelle through the Jeffrey Wadsworth-Battelle Knowledge Exchange.