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3C Institute Uses e-Learning to Tackle Trauma

Through collaborations with a number of organizations working to address trauma, 3C Institute is fulfilling its mission to promote health and well-being via behavioral science principles and strategic use of technology. We’ve built a reputation in the trauma-aware community as a company that understands the psychology of trauma and how to address it and can deliver an engaging online learning experience.

Our trauma-related courses address the types of trauma, explore the causes, and offer evidence-based strategies for dealing with the emotional outcomes of a traumatic experience or environment.


Our successful partnership with Cognitive Behavioral Intervention for Trauma in Schools (CBITS), a group and individual intervention designed to reduce symptoms of PTSD, depression, and behavior problems, led to additional trauma-related work with the Treatment and Services Adaptation Center (TSA), an educational site that provides resources to promote trauma-informed school systems.

Our work on these projects resulted in 3C’s involvement in the development of Bounce Back, a school-based group intervention for elementary students exposed to stressful and traumatic events.

More recently, we’ve begun development of two new trauma courses geared toward teachers, who can develop symptoms of secondary traumatic stress as the result of hearing about their students’ traumas, and military personnel.

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